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Joining a line-up of premium styling products, OSiS+ Keep It Light fulfils the need for low-residue hold, so that stylists and salon clients alike can satisfy their desire for effortless, touchable styling.

This is OSiS+ lightest and driest hairspray, combining very light & workable hold with up to 230°C/450°F heat protection. OSiS+ Keep It Light was inspired by backstage styling secrets, where applying a hairspray before using heated styling tools increases their effect. This technique is no longer just reserved for session stylists. With the added need for lighter styling solutions, a multi-benefit formulation is the answer both in the salon and at home.

Developed with Compressed Technology, the hairspray's highly-concentrated* formula achieves the desired result with a with roughly half the amount of active formula and propellant per usage**. It also improves sustainability by reducing the packaging, meaning waste and less emissions when transporting.

The addition of KEEP IT LIGHT to the OSiS+ hairspray collection creates a comprehensive range of hairsprays with a complete array of hold levels.

Explore the OSiS+ hairspray range today!

*Roughly double the amount of hold giving polymers as in conventional hairspray with a comparable hold.
** vs. a conventional hairspray with a comparable hold.

OSiS+ Keep It Light


“We’ve often celebrated the power of collaborations – creatively greater than the sum of their parts. So, we are delighted to co-author this issue of Essential Looks with our flagship colour brand, IGORA ROYAL. With over 120 beautiful shades and some of the world’s most exciting formulas, this year you’ll see an even deeper focus on colour. We have mined the universal zeitgeist and the global state of mind and identified three trends marrying nostalgia, inspiration and newness...”

Simon Ellis, Schwarzkopf Professional's International Creative Director

Inspired by fashion weeks across the globe and then distilled into relevant salon looks, the Essential Looks Royal Glory Collection celebrates the transformative power of colour, featuring the new IGORA ROYAL colour worlds within the trends: Magical Whimsy, Back to Classics and Artful Feeling.


There is a blonde for everyone, irrespective of skin colour, hair type, hair colour or gender. That’s why Schwarzkopf Professional created BLONDME – the only colour and care brand truly dedicated to blondes.


There is a blonde for everyone, irrespective of skin colour, hair type, hair colour or gender. That’s why Schwarzkopf Professional created BLONDME – the only colour and care brand truly dedicated to blondes.


Co-created with global media and entertainment brand Refinery29 (@refinery29), #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD showcases 9 diverse blondes from around the globe, each with their own blonding story. Aiming to alleviate the concerns around going blonde, especially within darker Asian or Afro hair types, BLONDME has become more diverse than ever and aims for the concept of blonde losing any geographical or ethical boundary.

The new BLONDME Care line-up includes stronger neutralisation than ever before, dedicated purification to brighten blonde hair, 3D Bonding Technology and hero finishing products for all hair types – from fine-to-normal and normal-to-coarse.


Who said you can't be blonde? Meet 9 diverse blondes defying stereotypes and embracing their hair.



Discover Schwarzkopf Professional’s first scientific tool that gives data-driven insights on hair damage. By gathering and analysing biometric hair condition data, the SalonLab Smart Analyzer enables stylists to elevate their expertise and provide a truly personalised consultation for their clients.


The device is powered by the intuitive and easy-to-use SalonLab App, which guides both the hairdresser and the client through the consultation and analysis process by combining data-driven hair insights with the hairdresser’s expert assessment.


"This really is a game-changer. Not only does it bring the salon of the future to the present, but the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab reinvents the salon experience as we know it." Schwarzkopf Professional Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison.


Watch our SalonLab Smart Analyzer tutorial with Lesley Jennison to learn more about how to use the tool.


Revolutionary. Innovative. Pioneering.


Reinvent the salon experience with the SalonLab Analyzer.

COLOURS TO FEEL #AbsolutelyYou

"To me personally, covering my grey has not so much to do with hiding my age, but rather supporting who I feel I am as a person. My natural brunette tone makes me feel most myself – it's who I have always been."


Lesley Jennison, Schwarzkopf Professional's Global Colour Ambassador


The 6 new IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES shades are ideal for lighter hair bases – between levels 7 and 9 – providing beautiful, on trend shades in cool beige, chocolate and copper, whilst promising 100% coverage.


Discover the many benefits from the first dedicated colour brand with Pro-Age Technology: 100% coverage, superior shine and long-lasting results from the extra caring and low-odour formula.


As seen in the Essential Looks: VivID Collection Dark Romance trend!



Schwarzkopf Professional are relaunching their existing BLONDME Blonde Toning range, adding 7 brand new shades to the assortment.


Designed specifically to work with BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lighteners, the new BLONDME Blonde Toning range has been developed to improve hair moisture levels and minimise hair damage, thanks to its Bond Enforcing Hydrolock Technology and pH neutral application mixture. Ensuring superior blonde results – for perfectly balanced neutralisation and sophisticated tone enhancement!


The new gel-crème consistency can be applied via brush or bottle, offering colourists more application versatility. The formula is also easier to distribute, allowing for faster application, especially for long hair clients. The new Deep Toning shades provide further service opportunities for clients with darker pre-lightened bases (5-8), perfect for creating lowlights or shadow root.


Explore the BLONDME Blonde Toning Range in full!


Discover our new care brand Fibre Clinix, a salon exclusive, fully customisable hair care regime, for a holistic experience, from salon to home care.


Through the development of our most advanced and powerful repair technology, Fibre Clinix has set a new milestone by transforming the hair fibre back to its virgin condition*. Start the holistic experience in salon with a highly customised Tribond Service to match, mix and boost, instantly transforming the hair fibre. Effortless maintenance continues at home with a hair care routine prescribed to the client’s individual hair needs.


For fully hair customisation, select from a range of Fibre Clinix Boosters which are designed to be matched and mixed with the relevant Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment, targeting inner and outer hair damage for specific hair needs.


Discover the full Fibre Clinix regime today!


*biophysical combing tests of the regime of medium bleached hair vs. virgin hair

Fibre Clinix
Essential Looks


"When everything is in flux we turn to the passion, imagination and creativity in all of us. As hairdressers we wake up in the morning to help people invent, reinvent and continually express themselves; whoever they are and however they want to live. Today, we’re celebrating love, life, passion and identity. Welcome to the VivID Collection."


Simon Ellis, Schwarzkopf Professional's International Creative Director


This season, we showcase three brand new trends, each featuring a Catwalk and Salon look variation, ready and waiting for YOU to transform into hairstyles your clients will love.

tbh – true beautiful honest: WELCOME TO THE NATURAL BEIGE COLLECTION

Introducing the latest shades to join the tbh – true beautiful honest Natural colour world, the Natural Beige Collection provides the next level in authentic colouration.


Inspired by the shimmering powdery tones of soft sand illuminated by morning sunshine, the tbh – true beautiful honest Natural Beige Collection has been developed with muted beige undertones for looks that work across any season and address every salon client's individual wishes.

  • Up to 100% multi-dimensional coverage
  • Natural looking shine
  • PPD & PTD free

Celebrate natural beauty and discover more about Schwarzkopf Professional's first authentic colour brand, tbh – true beautiful honest.

tbh - true beautiful honest
OSiS+ Long Hair Texture


Embrace natural texture with the latest heroes from the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range, Texture Blow and Beach Texture.


Specifically developed for long hair, the range makes effortless texture a possibility – and the latest additions are no exception! OSiS+ Texture Blow is Schwarzkopf Professional's first powder-infused aerosol blow-dry mist that eases the blow-drying process, adding texture and volume, whilst OSiS+ Beach Texture is a fine sugar spray for enviable beachy waves.


OSiS+ Texture Blow and Beach Texture join the existing Long Hair Texture line up consisting of a dry texture spray, dry shampoo and conditioner, and a soft volumising powder.


Get ready to embrace long hair styling... watch the tutorials now!


Discover the exciting new colour brand from Schwarzkopf Professional, Chroma ID. Responding to the demand for complete customisation, self-expression and low-commitment hair colour, Chroma ID is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first 100% customisable, semi-permanent mix and tone colour system with integrated Bonding Technology and caring formulas.


With a one-size-fits-all approach no longer relevant for today's salon clients, Chroma ID offers an infintate array of colour options; allowing hairdressers to express their clients' unique identities. From natural blonde tones to striking, bold pink, the mix and tone colour system includes 6 Bonding Color Masks (Intense), 14 Bonding Color Masks, 6 Bonding Color Masks (Home Care) and a Clear Bonding Color Mask.


The vast portfolio of shades is synonymous with the best performing shades from IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE, making it easy to select matching Chroma ID shades for dual, freehand and full head colour services.


By combining integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology with deeply caring formulas, Chroma ID enables hairdressers to achieve 100% colour flexibility whilst maintaining, and even improving their clients' overall hair condition.


Dare to colour and express every shade of your clients’ personality!


Explore the unlimited shade possibilities from Chroma ID.

Chroma ID
Oil Ultime


Oil Ultime has added two new products to their luxurious haircare range of innovative, high-performing formulas powered by oils.


Discover the new silicone-free Oil Ultime Castor Seed Cleansing Oil inspired by the use of gentle cleansing oils in Asian skincare. This non-greasy oil rebalances, cares and gently cleanses the scalp and hair without weighing it down. Formulated with 100% natural Castor Seed Oil, the Cleansing Oil offers a mindful and relaxing experience.


Created for all hair types, the new Oil Ultime Mediterranean Finishing Oil is rich in natural oils infused with pure white jasmine flower blossoms and refreshing citrus notes of lime and orange. Non-greasy and silicone-free, this indulgent oil protects hair from damaging factors faced in warmer weather and leaves it feeling lightweight, radiant and smooth.


Oil Ultime uses the most precious ingredients in its ranges, from high-performing natural, purified oils to invigorating, aromatic essential oils. These ingredients are known for their ability to enhance hair with lightweight care and added shine, while helping salon clients escape their hectic daily routine and find inner balance.


Experience pure indulgence with the new Castor Seed Cleansing Oil and Mediterranean Finishing Oil from Oil Ultime and reveal your #truebeauty inside and out.


Mad about is the holistic care and styling regime dedicated to respecting each and every hair texture, for gorgeous, lasting waves, curls and lengths that you can be truly proud of. Discover the latest assortments from the care and styling brand – Mad about Lengths and Mad about Curls Superfood.


Dare to go longer with the Mad about Lengths range. The hair care regime empowers long hair from root to tips with weightlessly moisturising formulas, resulting in beautifully longer, more supple and healthier hair that doesn’t need a big cut with every salon visit.


Mad about Curls Superfood enhances the natural texture and beauty of coily hair, one of the most fragile and dry hair types with fewer cuticle layers. Featuring a blend of four superfood oils, the Mad about Curls Superfood Mask and Leave-in Treatment intensively nourish, moisturise and strengthen tight textures, to retain natural oils while adding sheen and softness.


It's time to celebrate your curls, lengths and waves... they are as unique and individual as you are. Check out the new Mad about ranges today!

Mad about
Shaping Futures


Schwarzkopf Professional showcases their global initiative in a brand-new documentary series.


Through long-running partnerships with NGOs and a network of hairdressers, Schwarzkopf Professional transforms the lives of socially disadvantaged young adults through their Shaping Futures hairdresser training programme.


To celebrate the incredible dedication of everybody involved in this social initiative – and to highlight the difference it brings to hundreds of lives around the world – Schwarzkopf Professional is proud to release the documentary: “Inside Shaping Futures”. The documentary takes you on a journey into the emotional world of Shaping Futures. Inside views are depicted by NGOs, hairdresser trainers, Schwarzkopf Professional partners and the Shaping Futures students themselves.


"It's quite a unique experience for all of us that are involved...the passion that the students have to learn and to advance in their life is as equally touching for us, as the experience of the training is for them.” – Coralie Loth, Shaping Futures Manager at Schwarzkopf Professional


Experience the power of education and check out the four-part documentary series now.


For most people summer is their favourite time of the year, however for hair this can be one of the toughest seasons; sun, sea salt, chlorine and warmer weather leave locks feeling dry and dull with an unmanageable look…


However, help is on the way, thanks to the newly revamped BC Sun Protect haircare range!


New BC Sun Protect has been specially developed to protect, cleanse and treat all hair types before, during and after sun exposure. The formula, with a cocktail of exotic ingredients – moisturising Buriti Oil from the wetland regions of the Amazon and replenishing Sea Algae Extract – shields, nourishes and beautifies sun-stressed hair, so sun-seekers can forget about poor hair condition and colour fade, and just focus on looking amazing 24/7!


Check out the full BC Sun Protect range today.

BC Sun Protect

Together #apassionforhair

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