Discover How to Protect Hair During Colour Services

Care in the context of colouring hair usually refers to condition of the hair; chemical over-processing, sun-exposure and health problems (to name a few) can result in hair that is over-porous, dry and brittle, and lacking elasticity.


The cause of over-porous hair is often due to excessive chemical applications damaging the surface and inner structure. For instance, over-lightened and bleached hair can lead to visible hair damage; hair can become rough and thin, dull and dry as well as spongy and matted when wet.


Up until now caring for hair during lightening, lifting and colour services has been a tricky task for colourists, but thanks to new innovations in technology Schwarzkopf Professional are able to set colourists free from all limitations linked to hair condition – minimising hair breakage by up to 94%!


The Product

Schwarzkopf Professional’s latest innovation, FIBREPLEX is the first Bond Enforcing System to protect hair from breakage during the lightening, (high-)lifting or colouring processes, without compromising on hair quality.


The Technology

High-Performing Fibre Bond Technology interlinks with the hair fibres to enforce and seal strong structural bonds and minimise hair breakage during lightening, lifting and colouring processes – without compromising on development time, lifting or neutralisation.


The Benefits

  • Provides great hair structure and a smooth hair surface with stabilised fibres
  • No additional service steps or intensive training required
  • Easy mixing ratio using current developer strength
  • Works with all lightening and colouring systems for an easy service upgrade
  • Hairdressers are now able to offer lightening, lifting or colour services to a wider range of clients

Discover FIBREPLEX and lift, lighten and colour without compromise!