Techniques & Tips to Tackle Regrowth

All creative techniques and looks are rooted in essential basics, which are needed again and again for your daily work.

ASK Expert Tips

  • As each slice is completed, place them up onto the head and out of the way. Avoid putting pressure onto these sections, as this may result in product coming into contact with the lengths and ends; resulting in unwanted colour patches
  • As you reach the front hairline, apply colour just to the top of the slice (one side) to keep the contour clean
  • For white coverage, in the case of a resistant hairline, apply product to the hairline first and then start at the cross section. Start at the crown and work your way through to the front hairline in diagonal sections. Continue from the crown down to the nape of the neck, alternating between left and right section

Want to find out more about our techniques? Why not take a fascinating seminar on colour at one of our academies. Following a clear structure, ASK Essential Skills colouring seminars cover five modules (Uniform, Multitone, Effect, Placement and Graduation) and 13 colouring techniques that are designed to fill the gap between basic and creative hair colour, while setting the standard in professional hairdressing.