Should Hairdressers Wear Gloves?

Has your team ever told you that their clients object to gloves or have you assumed that supplying gloves would be an expensive exercise? Breaking bad habits and dispelling the myths surrounding the use of gloves is all part of the education process.


Below are some possible objections and the argumentation to reflect on:

  • Objection: Hand creams act as barriers
    Argument: Chemicals can always get to the skin
  • Objection: Gloves snag clients’ hair
    Argument: This is unlikely if you choose a smooth, non-latex, longer-length, glove that fits well
  • Objection: Clients don't like gloves
    Argument: Explain to clients why gloves are important and what the consequences could be if they're not worn. A client is more likely to want a gloved hand treating their hair then one with peeling, flaking and cracked skin
  • Objection: Gloves are expensive
    Argument: A pair of gloves costs is minimal compared to the potential cost of dermatitis. If you lose staff to sickness or through leaving, you could lose clients as well
  • Objection: Gloves make it difficult to detect water temperature
    Argument: Modern gloves are thin enough to detect water temperature, but again, a good fit is essential
  • Objection: Skin gets tougher if you don't wear gloves
    Argument: Tough and hardened skin is damaged skin. Hard skin will not prevent dermatitis