Salon Service: Upgrade your colour with FIBREPLEX

“Hi my name is Jonny Westberg and I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years – I became the Ambassador for FIBREPLEX, in Sweden, in 2015.”


“In my salon we do a lot of colour, highlights, high-lifts etc. and you know how risky this can be for some hair conditions… but now, FIBREPLEX has really changed the game. We can do any kind of service from colour to bleach, whilst protecting the hair from breakage by up to 94%*!”


“I think it’s a must-have for any salon; I love the safety given by FIBREPLEX and the clients love the experience… and as it is a premium service it allows me to change more; I really don’t have to sell it to my clients, they just ask for it because their hair has never been so healthy.”


FIBREPLEX is not just about upgrading your colour services, it offers a unique bonding service… and the result is just amazing!”


“Today I would like to show you how to do this, so with me I have my beautiful client Emily who’s frequently colouring her hair… in order to guarantee a perfect colour, strong hair and shine, Emily has come back today for the FIBREPLEX Care Service… so let’s go” (fast forward to 01:23 to skip the video intro):



Bonding Care Service


1. Mix & Apply FIBREPLEX Nº1 Bond Booster

  • Mix 10ml of the Nº1 Bond Booster with 100ml of water
  • Spray from roots through to the lengths, saturating the hair
  • Leave for 5 minutes

2. Apply FIBREPLEX Nº2 Bond Sealer

  • Apply Nº2 Bond Sealer generously, layering on top of Nº1
  • Leave for a further 10 minutes
  • Then thoroughly rinse the hair

3. Shampoo with FIBREPLEX Shampoo

  • At the end of the service shampoo the hair and rinse

Remember to advise your clients to continue using the FIBREPLEX Shampoo at home, along side FIBREPLEX Nº3 Bond Maintainer – it’s unique 4.5 technology creates bonds within the hair fibres and balances pH levels to perfectly lock in colour pigments.


Lighten, lift and colour without compromise with the #fibreplexeffect!


*Lightening Service with FIBREPLEX vs. Lightening Service without FIBREPLEX