TrendLab: Chroma ID Hair How-To with Geoffrey Martinez

Schwarzkopf Professional invited Ambassador and Hairdresser Influencer, Geoffrey Martinez (@anothertale25) to the TrendLab studio to share his colour expertise during an episode of #HairHacks, where industry experts showcase the coolest looks...and the techniques used to re-create them!

This episode see's Geoffrey share his mixology methods as he demonstrates beautiful pastel mixing with Chroma ID; Schwarzkopf Professional's semi-permanent mix and tone colour system with integrated bonding technology.


TrendLab: Chroma ID Hair How-To with Geoffrey Martinez

Chroma ID
By combining high performing colour with intense care, the treatment-based colour allows for simple, quick and perfectly even colour distribution. The integrated Bonding Technology deeply conditions the hair from within for increased strength and colour vibrancy. With 100% flexibility, Chroma ID provides infinite mixing opportunities; whether bold and creative, commercial colour refresh, pastel or neutralisation services, the opportunities are endless!

"Chroma ID is one of the coolest new product of the year"

– Geoffrey Martinez

Watch how Geoffrey Martinez brings Chroma ID to life as he shares his mix for an icy pastel colour:



Colours used (on pre-lightened hair):

  • Colour 1: Chroma ID Purple (40g) + Chroma ID 6-12 (40g) + Chroma ID 9.5-19 (20g) + Chroma ID Blue (20g) – applied from roots to mid-lengths in a cross section from the centre parting
  • Colour 2: Colour 1 mix + Chroma ID 0-00 (35g) – applied from the mid-lengths to ends

Chroma ID 0-00 is a Clear Bonding Mask that is used to dilute any Chroma ID colour; by reducing the intensity of the Bonding Color Masks, endless pastel tones can easily be achieved! Chroma ID 0-00 can also be used for gloss or refresh services and to keep hair looking shiny in-between salon visits; remember that salon clients can also take home the matching Chroma ID colour or clear mask to maintain their look at home.

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