Interview: Meet the Co-Creators Behind IGORA #RoyalTakeOver – Dusted Rouge

Queen of Colour, Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador Lesley Jennison, teamed-up with King of Red, Brazilian Colour Specialist Jean Philippe Santos, to co-create IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge… Take 10 minutes to get to know the IGORA ROYAL’s red dream team:

On each other…


IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge


Lesley Jennison: “My first thought when I was asked to join the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver team was how incredibly excited I was… terribly excited at the thought of creating a whole palette of colours in collaboration with Jean Philippe (JP)… very, very excited!”

Jean Philippe: “When I first got the call to be on the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver team I was like wow… what an experience to be able to create your own shades, I mean… that's the dream of any hairstylist! Lesley and I met in Berlin. I have never seen her before, but I've been a fan of her work for like seven, eight, nine, years… and it was funny, I was waiting to see her (because we had never met) and it was just instant passion!”

Lesley Jennison: “I think what makes JP and I such a strong team is that, for me, he epitomises the world of red! I love red – I love colour – [but] I love red and I think that we have managed to create the most stunningly beautiful, soft and subtle, palette of reds EVER imaginable… we are so proud of these colours!”

On creativity…


Lesley Jennison: “For me I think (creativity) is about being utterly fearless, pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box every single time… for example when working on Essential Looks I'm always thinking about how can we push these ideas further; I want everything to be bigger… better!”


“Creativity also affects me in day-to-day life; in the salon creativity means, to me, making sure that I'm working outside of the parameter – those sort of six regular colours that we tend to return to – whether it's adding a bit of pink into somebody's tint or a bit of blue… it doesn’t matter if it’s a model, or a client or whatever I'm doing at that moment, that precise moment, it has to be the best thing I've ever done.”

Jean Philippe
: “For me creativity is… the best way to express yourself, to express your art – for us colour designers specifically, I think creativity means colouring outside of the lines… trespassing limits and pushing boundaries. That's the most beautiful part of our job.”

On IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge…


IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge


Lesley Jennison: “When I first started [with Schwarzkopf Professional], there were already these amazing double coppers, double reds and double violets [in the portfolio]… but my idea was kind of barely-reds, barely-red-coppers… almost like a nude version of red…”

Jean Philippe: “Obviously red inspires me! The one thing that my clients always ask for is a ‘soft-red’, which is barely there – something that can trick people into thinking you’re a natural redhead – that's what I've been working on for quite some time. So, when they told us we were the red team it was awesome, because we could keep on with that idea…”

Lesley Jennison: “I think when you talk about lived-in colours, or vintage colours, it's exactly what our IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge colours are… and the Pastelfier… just genius!”

Jean Philippe: “I think the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Pastelfier is one of the most exciting tools that we can use… it's just awesome! You can just take any colour and make it pastel!”

On education…


IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge


Lesley Jennison: “For me, the most important lessons are the fundamentals; your hair science, your colour worlds… if you know those inside out, then you can break all the rules! Once you get to a level where you know everything about the basics… it takes all the stress out of colouring hair. Everything becomes a joy because you know what you've put in that bowl, how it's going to affect the hair, what every single hair type will do with that particular colour – you just confidently know what's going to happen.”

Jean Philippe: “I started with education some time ago, and I especially love teaching how to colour; it's just such a beautiful type of art, it's awesome! For me, the most important lesson that you must learn is undertone; don't fight with it, work with it. When you first start to do colour, you're always mad at undertone, but once you start working with it, everything is just perfect. So, undertone for me is the most important lesson that somebody should learn.”


“One thing I get asked a lot is how do I come up with mixes? I mean, where do I get the idea of mixing this colour and this colour… and I always say it's all about imagination – you need to imagine what you want and then go chasing the things you need to get that result – it’s very important to see the whole picture...”

Lesley Jennison: “That's where your hair science and colour circle comes in, because you need to know in your head that that little bit of pink added in with a little bit of copper, or that little bit of gold and a bit of pink, is going to give you some more coral etc. …”

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