Become a Fibre Clinix Beauty Coach

A client’s hair is as unique as their fingerprint; as a hairdresser it's important to create the best care regime for your client, something that can only be done after a proper consultation and an individual hair diagnosis.


A complete consultation reflects and identifies haircare needs in salon and leads to a home care regime that offers clients a long-term solution. The results of this diagnosis are truly individual, and a combination of products should be prescribed to offer a highly customised Fibre Clinix care regime.


Follow these four steps to ensure a comprehensive consultation experience for salon clients:


1. Ask and Listen

Here are some questions that help you better understand your client’s needs:

  • What are your current haircare rituals?
  • What do you like about your hair?
  • What have you done to your hair in the past that you liked/disliked?

Listen to your client’s hair challenges and wishes and solve them with your hands-on expertise as you go through the questions.


2. Diagnosis

Diagnosis forms the basis of in-salon service and home haircare regime that are tailored to a salon client’s specific hair needs:

  • Define your client’s hair type, hair length and structure
  • Diagnose the hair using tests such as elasticity and porosity to analyse the condition
  • To complete the picture, evaluate the scalp condition

3. Prescription

The unique and customised Fibre Clinix Tribond Service reflects and identifies unique haircare needs, leading to a maintenance recommendation to provide salon clients with a long-term care solution:

  • Create a customised treatment for your client
  • Explain to your client which products you are using and why

4. Recommendation

Recommend a Fibre Clinix home care regime that matches the in-salon service and is based on the client’s prescription. This will help to maintain the effects of a customised salon service until the next salon visit:

  • Create a haircare plan for your client and explain the prescribed products
  • Give tips and tricks for product usage

Additional Support:

The Hair Expert App is the perfect consultation guide to help hairdressers and clients alike in creating a completely customised haircare recommendation, explore and begin your diagnosis here: Hair Expert App


Don't forget to explore your local seminar offering and learn how to deliver completely bespoke services to your clients in courses such as the Chill! Care Advisor Seminar; this covers the basics in hair structure and scalp condition, offers an in-depth understanding of Fibre Clinix and its customisable features, whilst imparting the confidence to deliver incredible, bespoke in-salon and at-home regimes, every time.


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