Essential Brands: Mad about Lengths & Curls Superfood

Today women want to embrace their unique personality and natural beauty, and Schwarzkopf Professional understands that there is definitely no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to textured or long hair – this is so much more than just a trend… it’s a way of living!

What is it?

Building on the success of care and styling brand, Mad about Curls & Waves – as well as the growing demand for more products dedicated to celebrating textures and embracing individuality – Schwarzkopf Professional has created two additional assortments within the Mad about brand offering:


Essential Brands: Mad about Lengths & Curls Superfood

What can you do with it?
Salon clients and end-consumers alike are encouraged to be Mad about their natural hair and celebrate their individuality; whether they want to enhance their unique textures or strengthen their lengths, there is now a holistic Mad about care and styling regime suited to a variety of wave, curl, coil or length types!

Mad about Curls Superfood

Understanding that type 4 curls (patterns 4A, 4B, 4C), more widely referred to as coils, need specialist care to quickly tame, hydrate and improve definition, Schwarzkopf Professional has created two Mad about Curls Superfood products; a Mask and a Leave-in Treatment enriched with blend of Superfood Oils (Coconut, Avocado, Castor and Grape Seed Oils).

Mad about Lengths

Schwarzkopf Professional strive to promote long hair confidence – for both hairdressers and their clients – which is why the new Mad about Lengths assortment includes four new products, a Cleanser, a Serum, a Treatment and a Split Ends Fix that beautify whilst promoting long hair health.

What is the big deal?
The Aquarine Complex is what sets Mad about apart from other care and styling ranges; this is a combination of product-specific ingredients that intensively moisturise and strengthen the hair, whilst providing a care shield for touchable definition and protection against breakage and heat.

Within Mad about Lengths, the Aquarine Complex is combined with Length Maximising Tech, a technology that helps to reduce hair breakage and instantly seal split ends – creating soft and supple lengths that won't require 'the big chop' at every salon visit.


Give me the facts!

  • Mad about provides specialist care and attention for specific hair types
  • Including an assortment dedicated to coils and one for lengths
  • Mad about Curls Superfood tames, hydrates and improve definition
  • Mad about Lengths reduces hair breakage and strengthens long hair
  • Features breakthrough technologies, including Aquarine Complex and Length Maximising Tech
  • Features innovative ingredients, including caring Superfood Oils and Biotin

Where can I learn about it?
Join a colour seminar and learn how to create a truly bespoke in-salon colour experience, with the skills and know-how to match:

ASK eAcademy

Explore the full Mad about product range and grow your knowledge with detailed audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy: