Essential Brands: IGORA Ashy Cedar & Earthy Clay

Continuing to keep hairdressers at the forefront of the latest trends, Schwarzkopf Professional have expanded the IGORA portfolio to include a range of true-to-tuft brunette shades that provide maximum colour intensity and beautiful cool tone directions with a powdery matte finish!


What is it?

Inspired by suburban city life contrasted with raw nature, IGORA has introduced a palette of cool and tarnished brown shades that leave the hair with a subtle and minimalistic aesthetic:

  • IGORA Earthy Clay – sophisticated, earthy and dusted brown tones for an iridescent look upgrading bare beauty
  • IGORA Ashy Cedar – IGORA's strongest neutralising shades with hues of petrol and facets of ashy brown for coolest brown results

What can you do with it?

The salon-essential shades have enriched the full IGORA portfolio with cool, matte and neutral tone directions that offer an alternative, powdery take on browns. The unique pigment mix counteracts unwanted red/orange undertones providing strong neutralisation when lifting or highlighting darker bases.


Essential Brands: IGORA Ashy Cedar & Earthy Clay


What is the big deal?

IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar Shades have also been introduced as the first dual application colour collection from Schwarzkopf Professional; including the new shades in both IGORA’s permanent (IGORA ROYAL) and demi-permanent (IGORA VIBRANCE) colouration lines:

  • IGORA ROYAL products are ideal for clients wanting high-performance colour with a long-lasting permanent finish
  • IGORA VIBRANCE products are demi-permanent and last up to 25 washes – perfect for colour-shy individuals looking for low-commitment looks, or a colour refresh

Thanks to IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar being available within both assortments, working with the dual application method using the same shades has never been easier! Hairdressers can easily use the matching IGORA VIBRANCE shades to refresh the lengths and ends of an IGORA ROYAL service, where permanent colour is only required on re-growth areas. This means more service opportunities for hairdressers and more choice for clients, as well as improved hair condition, shine and colour vibrancy.

"I simply love the modern looks the new IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar shades allow me to create. They're subtle and cool; really beautiful to work with and a completely fresh take on neutral browns…"

– Global Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador Lesley Jennison

Give me the facts!

  • This is true-to-tuft colour that offers an alternative, powdery take on browns
  • Create on-trend cool, matte brunette looks with strong neutralisation
  • Use the dual application method with the same shades
  • More in-salon service opportunities for hairdressers 
  • More colour choice for clients
  • Expect a true colour finish that’s full of shine and vibrancy

The new IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar looks will be also featured in Schwarzkopf Professional’s 2019 Essential Looks Collections as part of the new Urbaganza trend.

Where can I learn about it?

Join a colour seminar and learn how to create a truly bespoke in-salon colour experience, with the skills and know-how to match:

ASK eAcademy

Grow your product knowledge and colour skills with audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy:

The addition of IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay in both the IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE assortments perfectly highlight the compatibility between the products – making dual application an easy, go to method to ensure optimum hair condition and colour vibrancy!