Essential Brands: BC Fibre Force

Over-processed hair can suffer damage from different forces such as colouring, bleaching, heat styling and UV radiation. This results in broken bonds within the inner hair matrix as well as a brittle hair cuticle. BC Fibre Force provides the ultimate solution for extremely damaged or over-processed hair…


What is it?

BC Fibre Force is the 1st long lasting strengthening regime with patented* Bond Connector Technology**, providing over-processed hair with 10x more resistance to breakage***.


What can you do with it?

The patented* Bond Connector Technology offers a unique dual action: firstly, it regenerates and strengthens the inner di-sulphide bonds, and secondly, it protects the hair by creating a laminated shield around the hair's surface.


What’s the big deal?

Where classic hair products cannot counteract inner and outer hair erosion (caused by various damaging services such as bleaching, repeated highlights or colouring), the damage-reverse infusion from Schwarzkopf Professional makes weak, dull hair that lacks elasticity and shine a thing of the past!


Give me the Facts!

  • Hair is 10x more resistant to breakage***
  • Restores the hair’s integrity by re-bonding the inner hair structure
  • Deeply reconnects fibres and CMC (Cell Membrane Complex) for greater elasticity, resilience and strength
  • Seals the cuticle for long-lasting advanced repair
  • A pH level of 4.5 tightens the matrix for extremely strong hair

Where can I learn about it?

Become a BC Hair Care Specialist with our BC Hair Therapist seminar and learn all about BC products in order to quickly and confidentially prescribe the perfect salon solution and home hair care regime for each client!


Download your local seminar brochure to book your place today and watch this space for BC Fibre Force in-salon Bond Connector Service step-by-steps!


* Applied for patents

** From Schwarzkopf Professional

*** Usage of BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Regime vs. untreated hair