How do Skincare-inspired Ingredients Work in Haircare?

Each of Schwarzkopf Professional's BC Bonacure subranges has been developed with a unique skincare-inspired ingredient targeted for each hair type… read on to discover how these clever technologies influence the hair:

In skincare, Peptides are usually linked to flawless skin or anti-ageing. Peptides are short-chain amino acids and are the building blocks of proteins like Elastin, Collagen or Keratin which are responsible, among other properties, for the elasticity of skin. They also play a vital role in haircare as the hair is 85-95% made out of keratin. BC Peptide Repair Rescue range has been developed to refill the damaged cortex by re-building the hair’s inner architecture, restoring strength and elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid Derivate is widely used in skincare; renowned for its excellent plumping properties it is an efficient hydrating agent, providing long-lasting moisture. It has the ability to attract and hold moisture, leaving the skin nourished and supple. In haircare it plays an important role; BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick formulas have been developed to revitalise thirsty hair by delivering essential moisture, leaving the hair weightlessly nourished, yet subtle and soft, with improved elasticity and a natural shine.

pH 4.5
A balanced pH level is of the utmost importance to retain healthy skin, which is why it's essential to treat the skin with the suitable pH balancing products. Research has found that the longevity of hair colour can also benefit from products that balance the hair to an optimal pH level of 4.5. This is why BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze has been formulated with this technology; not only does it help to strengthen the hair structure, it also seals the surface of coloured hair to freeze colour pigments deep inside the hair matrix to bring coloured hair closer than ever to zero fade.

Collagen is a protein found in the skin linked to youthfulness; it's responsible for elasticity, shape and strength. Collagen, as a naturally derived protein derivate, is highly used in skincare to bring back the skin’s suppleness. To a similar effect, BC Collagen Volume Boost has been developed to weightlessly strengthen the hair, providing outstanding fullness, volume and bounce.

In skincare, Q10 is known as THE anti-ageing cure to work against visible signs of ageing. But it's not only skin that can benefit from this highly effective co-enzyme. Q10 exists in every cell in the body and is essential for the regeneration of cells. For the hair, Q10 stimulates the hair bulb to re-activate the production of keratin, which decreases over time, restoring the optimal structure of future hair growth. BC Q10+ Time Restore reactivates keratin production and replenishes the hair for hair that looks and feels rejuvenated.

Keratin is THE most important building block of skin and hair; it helps to keep the skin's cell function intact, resulting in a healthy and protective outer layer – it's no surprise that Keratin is widely found in cosmetic products. The BC Keratin Smooth Perfect formulas contain Keratin to nourish specifically coarse, thick and frizzy hair, to make it manageable, smooth and shiny.

Micellar Technology
Micelles are formed by mild surfactants with a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic end... Imagine the hydrophobic end as a magnet that has the ability to cluster and lift dirt, oil and impurities, while the hydrophilic end is the carrier that allows the impurities to be transported through the water. The result is a gentle, yet efficient cleansing experience. All BC Bonacure Shampoos and Cleansing Conditioners are supported by Micellar Technology which has excellent, yet gentle cleansing properties, leaving the hair fresh and clean, without stripping its moisture.

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