Blonde Consultation – Expert Tips for Neutral Blonde

Neutral Blonde tones come in a wide range of tonal directions from pale toffee, which are extremely flattering on medium skin tones, to creamy caramels that perfectly flatter and bring out the soft glow in olive or darker skin tones.


Achieving beautiful neutral blonde results and maintaining that perfect tone without the hair becoming too light or flat is one of the most challenging tasks for colourists. So, to enable hairdressers to offer their clients the best blonde effects, Schwarzkopf Professional provide answers to specific neutral blonde questions:


When to pre-lighten and tone?

On natural bases 5, light brown and darker you can achieve the softest and most natural, neutral tones by lightening and toning with BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ and selected BLONDME Blonde Toning shades. This will allow hairdressers to create the most alluring neutral blonde tone directions on darker bases.


Which BLONDME products are suitable for neutral blonde results?

BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ toned with – for example – BLONDME Blonde Toning Sand and Ice or Steel Blue and Caramel.


Remember: special neutral tone mixes can be found in your Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME shade guide.


When to lift?

For bases 6 and lighter you can use BLONDME Bond Enforcing Blonde Lifting or White Blending shades. However, soft neutral blondes are best achieved on natural bases 7 and lighter using BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lifting or White Blending Sand.


BLONDME Blonde Toning Apricot or Caramel can be added to BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lifting and White Blending shades to create a gorgeous soft caramel blonde hue.


Note: If the hair contains a significant level of natural warmth then lightening and toning would be required to lift out the warmth first to achieve a soft neutral tone.


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