Discover the BLONDME Advanced Bonding System

Schwarzkopf Professional have merged their Bonding Technology with the BLONDME colour and care range – creating the next generation of products for hairdressers with the patented Advanced Bonding System built in! 


The BLONDME Advanced Bonding System features specific technology for both colour and care products:


Colour: Bond Enforcing Technology

During the blonding process, the inner hair bonds can break and the hair structure can become damaged. As a result, the stability of the hair is reduced and the hair can become prone to breakage. The Bond Enforcing Technology in BLONDME colour products has been created to protect the hair from deep within during colouration.


This unique Bond Enforcing Technology with highly efficient Succinic Acid is integrated in the high-performing BLONDME Lightening, Lifting and White Blending formulas.


Explore the BLONDME Blonde & Bond Salon Service for more information.


Care: Bonding Technology

Hair is principally made of Keratin, a complex architecture of cross-links called bonds, which has many different forms. Over-processing the hair, by repetitive chemical services, a lack of an adequate care routine and excessive use of styling tools or irons, can weaken the bonds in the hair structure and lead to irreversible damage and hair breakage.


The BLONDME bonding care regime features Bonding Technology, which includes Magnesium Citrate; a bi-valent ionic molecule that is double charged.


Wherever there are missing bonds inside the hair fibre, Magnesium Citrate creates new ionic bonds and strengthens the single hair fibre from the inside out. The Bonding Technology additionally balances the pH level and strengthens the hair fibre by tightening the inner hair matrix. 


ASK eAcademy

Further your blonde product knowledge and bonding expertise with audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy: 

Whatever the hair, blonde can now be whatever you want it to be…warm and shimmering, sweet like honey and rich as caramel, or cold as ice, sparkling silver, or platinum!