Remember Clients Will Pay for Salon Styling

Salon hair styling is the perfect opportunity to provide an additional service to your clients, but what are the benefits?

By definition, salon styling has to be different to home styling in order to ensure a regular clientele… Salon styling is client-orientated, therefore the target is to fulfil client wishes and provide support for home styling. Examples include:

  • Longer-Lasting Styles
    This is possible through the combination of more advanced techniques, experience, tools and products.

  • More Technical Styles
    For example the use of hair extensions, setting lotions and special occasion, one-off styles.

  • Unlimited Access to Professional, Quality Products
    Whilst professional-standard products will be available to buy over the counter, salon staff will have access to a wider range of products and can take advantage of this.

  • More Time
    A hair appointment should include time to relax, unwind, and talk about the day/week whilst someone else takes control. Often styling at home takes place when getting ready for work or going out, hence there can be additional pressure.

  • Professional Experience
    A professional hairdresser will have only their client’s best interests at heart; hence a salon is the best place for impartial advice. For example a good stylist can create a look that can be styled in a variety of ways to suit work and social environments.

Don’t forget that clients will pay for salon styling on it’s own, however they may need a gentle reminder that it’s a service in its own right in addition to cut and colour.