Your Personal Appearance Matters More Than You Think

Having a clear set of guidelines for dress code in your salon avoids confusion and helps complement your salon brand.

Personal presentation should always be of the highest standard. Remember you are in the fashion, beauty and service business and your personal presentation is of the utmost importance.

Personal cleanliness and hygiene is imperative with clothing, shoes, deodorant, fresh breath and fingernails all on show.

  • Uniform or dress code should be adhered to reflect a salon’s image
  • Make-up should ideally be applied before and during work, if necessary
  • Male staff are recommended to shave regularly unless growing a beard to present a neat appearance
  • Hair should be clean and preferably fashionable
  • Clothes with colour stains should be replaced or bleached
  • Shoes clean and polished
  • Ideally, trainers that would normally be used in the gym or for running should not be worn
  • Hands and nails clean not bitten and if using nail polish it should not be chipped

Please take into account that these are not fixed rules for an employee’s individual appearance, they are only intended as recommendations for your everyday salon style.

Every salon manager has to talk to their team to explain what image the salon wants to present and therefore, represented by the appearance of their staff.