Every Salon Owner needs a Business Plan

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail - Your business plan is your roadmap to success. Be prepared to spend time in the planning stage which will help save you from many a hazard on your business journey.

A business plan is not a necessary evil demanded by your bank. On the contrary, a business plan is a necessity to prevent ‘unnecessary evil’ in the form of potential setbacks…! The same applies to all other preparations you need to make when setting up your own business.

In this upcoming series of blogs about developing a business plan, we aim to help ‘your baby’ become strong and healthy and succeed in standing on its own two feet!

  1. Why do I want to set up my own salon?
  2. What are the opportunities/advantages?
  3. What are the risks/disadvantages?
  4. What size should my salon be?
  5. How many people do I want to employ?
  6. Which clients do I want to attract and for what reason? In other words, in which areas do I out perform the competition/what is my USP?
  7. Do I already have an idea for a salon concept?
  8. How much capital will I need until I can welcome the first clients?
  9. What are the monthly costs of running the salon?
  10. What level of income do I need to cover these costs?

The more detailed consideration you give to these individual points, the easier it will be for you to formulate your business plan!

Whether you are a new business ‘start up’ or have been in business for some time, your business needs clearly defined goals, objectives and a strategy by which you will turn it into reality. That is your ‘Business Plan’ by which you will measure your progress and it is important for you, your team and anyone with a vested interest. The plan will help communicate your vision and approach, and keep you focused.