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IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES – the colour range designed for mature hair – has added four new age defying colours to their existing range of 20 shades.


The new shades offer 100% white coverage, intense colour results and powerful conditioning, ensuring the most natural and flattering results. The colour direction of the new shades includes three cool and beige tones, as well as a bestselling chocolate blonde.


IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES includes a Pro-Age Complex, which contains a long-chain care polymer that adheres to the surface of the hair cuticle. This gives the hair an even surface, which creates a sleek and shiny appearance.


Discover the age-defying ABSOLUTES range and explore all 24 shades today!


Achieve a new level of vibrancy and create head-turning colour with the four new IGORA ColorWorx INTENSE shades.


Complementing the existing IGORA ColorWorx CONCENTRATES range, the NEW IGORA ColorWorx INTENSE range is available in four outrageously bold shades: Mauve, Fuchsia, Turquoise and Coral. These intense fashion colours allow hairdressers to offer a striking colour palette to their more daring clients.


Social Media influencer and Californian hair artist, Jeffrey Robert, has worked in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional to show us the creative potential of the new IGORA ColorWorx INTENSE shades by creating two new on-trend looks:


#MERMAIDHAIR – An electric take on a popular trend, this look is created by blending two intense shades; Mauve and Turquoise.


#PEEKABOOHAIR - Go bold and bright with this daring new look, created using three intense shades; Coral, Mauve and Fuchsia.


Discover your #InnerArtist and explore the complete IGORA ColorWorx INTENSE range today!  

IGORA ColorWorx
BC Cleansing Conditioners


Reset your hair and rotate your wash with Schwarzkopf Professional’s first ever BC Micellar Cleansing Conditioner! Striking the perfect balance between cleansing and conditioning, these Cleansing Conditioners allow a gentle hair wash, without the intensity of a shampoo.


Designed to be used every third wash, the mild, sulfate-free formula gently cleanses and protects all hair types in one easy step. Select your choice of Cleansing Conditioners from the Repair Rescue, Color Freeze and Moisture Kick range – use between your usual shampoo and conditioner routine, this will ensure the natural oils in the scalp have the chance to be restored.


Micellar Technology is well known in the skincare industry and has excellent, yet gentle cleansing properties. The built-in formula contains mild surfactants which can cluster and lift dirt, oil and impurities together, allowing them to be transported through the water for a gentle cleansing experience.


Rethink your hair care routine and discover the benefits of BC Micellar Cleansing Conditioners - Repair Rescue, Color Freeze and Moisture Kick.


IGORA ROYAL Opulescence brings the next big beauty and fashion trend to hair with six opulent, yet muted shades inspired by Renaissance art.


From Haute Couture to High Street, rich and luxurious colours dominate this season and now Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons can embrace the trend too. As seen in the latest Essential Looks Collection, from Velvet Slate to Golden Dawn there’s a perfect shade for every client!


Combining inspiration from Renaissance art and royal fashion, these opulent shades and illumination techniques create a depth of colour with 3D effects.


“It’s unlike anything in the existing portfolio, these brand-new shades offer the most incredibly rich and sophisticated tones that are going to be an absolute hit with my clients” comments Lesley Jennison, Global Colour Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional.


Get inspired by the Renaissance in colour and explore the new IGORA ROYAL Opulescence today!

IGORA ROYAL Opulescence


On Monday 10th of April, Schwarzkopf Professional officially opened their first Trend Lab facility in Hamburg, Germany!


The Trend Lab allows Schwarzkopf Professional to respond quickly to the latest trends spotted in the industry. The in-house professional studio provides hairdressers around the globe with instant hairdressing inspiration, in real time.


Celebrating hairdressing through inspiration and education, hairdressers can expect real trends executed on live models, via engaging how-to tutorials and product demonstrations on Schwarzkopf Professional’s social media channels. As well as through hairdresser-led webinars, available for registered users on


“The Schwarzkopf Professional Trend Lab is a real step change in digital delivery. It is a brand-new channel that gives us the opportunity to capture, connect and deliver education-based, real time hair and fashion trends, as they happen.”


Simon Ellis – International Creative Director | Schwarzkopf Professional


The Trend Lab is an inspirational environment that blends the refined setting of a premium loft-style salon together with a cutting-edge photography studio. Every attention to detail has been considered to create a dynamic and intuitive environment. Beautiful vintage wood has been used throughout the flexible interior, alongside a carefully selected range of interchangeable backdrops and accessories, suitable for any one of Schwarzkopf Professional’s brands to use.


The opening night hosted several VIP guests – a selective audience of international trend watchers, hairdressing experts plus research and development specialists – who enjoyed an up close and personal catwalk show, presented by Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Ambassadors, Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison.


The Ambassadors teamed up with digital influencers Mikey Henger and Jeffrey Robert to reveal the latest hair trends through an impressive line-up of commercially relevant INSTA-looks showcased on several models; including fashion bloggers Frida Mindt and Pola Fendel. Receiving a full colour and styling service, our star bloggers walked the catwalk to present their viral, on-trend looks, created with the latest Schwarzkopf Professional products.


Stay ahead of the curve and feed your passion for hairdressing with inspiring new content every day on Schwarzkopf Professional’s social media channels. All you need to do is follow @schwarzkopfpro on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter!


Enter the world of OSiS+ Session Label and explore iconic styling for style icons. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with the finest ingredients, this new range delivers fantastic results for the most style savvy clients.


Schwarzkopf Professional’s premium assortment consists of 9 iconic products delivering SUPER styling performance. Each SUPER light formula dries instantly, gives weightless shine or matte results, with precise hold and volume without overburdening the hair for SUPER LIGHT, SUPER DRY, SUPER FINE, SUPER PRECISE and SUPER AIRY styling results.


“OSiS+ Session Label is perfect for creating this season’s most coveted catwalk looks and finishes… whether it’s texture and matte undone looks, curl, movement or full-bodied volume with texture, all of the new products give these must-have styles the on-trend natural-looking edge.”


Richard Ashforth | Global Styling Ambassador


Inspired by beauty care, Schwarzkopf Professional have launched four all new products as part of the upgraded range, each formulated to give hair different types of texture:


Powder Cloud
An advanced SUPER FINE sprayable powder infused with Lava Rock, which creates precise volume instantly without overburdening the hair. The innovative pump function, allows for ultra-precise direct application with perfect dosage control.

Miracle 15
A SUPER VERSATILE styling balm with 15 benefits that prime, protect, define, control and add shine to the hair for an enhanced styling routine.


Crystal Gel
A SUPER CONCENTRATED gel infused with Crystal Rock Extract produces radically defined textures with strong hold control; unlike any other conventional gel, it offers a dry hair feeling.


Coal Putty
A SUPER ROUGH styling paste containing Activated Charcoal creates a no-shine matte effect, for medium hold raw looks with zero greasiness.


So, what are you waiting for? Meet the needs of your most sophisticated clientele and boost your salon retail business with textures and formulations your clients will not find in retail…

OSiS+ Session Label
Essential Looks 1:2017


Bridging the gap between the fashion catwalk and high street, this season’s Essential Looks: Modern Ikon Collection, draws inspiration from culture, history and art to provide three distinctive new trends: OPULENT, BEAT ICON and COLORAMA.


OPULENT: Sultry, seductive and sophisticated, high-octane glamour has ruled the runways this season and is set to be huge in 2017. We’ve taken this 1950s silver screen siren inspired look and given it a thoroughly modern twist. Get inspired by the luxurious, opulent colours of the new IGORA ROYAL Opulescence range, whilst embracing the feminine curls and voluminous waves, created by Curl Honey and Bouncy Curls from the OSiS+ styling range.


BEAT ICON: From the eternal fascination of icons from the early 60s, spanning James Dean swagger to Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground cool, BEAT ICON is reminiscent of the looks that defined a generation. BEAT ICON utilises the BLONDME colour palette for maximum colour customisation. To complete the iconic look, hair is given weightless texture and a polished finish with a combination of OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Flex and Powder Cloud.


COLORAMA: Combining the rebellious attitude of punk with colour-popping hues, COLORAMA features a style for the non-conformist. Intermixable bold statement colours from IGORA ColorWorx create playful effects in a colour clash of neon shades. Textured, random shapes give a post punk DIY feel, as OSiS+ and OSiS+ Session Label styling products support a ‘rough and ready’ finish.


Take a minute to explore all the looks from our MODERN IKON COLLECTION


Amazonia’s best kept secret, Brazilnut Oil, is the newest key ingredient in the BC Oil Miracle range, offering superior colour protection with a luxurious oil experience.


Suitable for all hair types, new BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil offers an indulging hair-care regime enhanced with the latest technology for superior colour protection and shine. Brazilnut Oil is carefully extracted from the seeds of one of the largest trees in South America and is well known for its nourishing proteins, minerals and Omega 3 and 9, which work to fill in porous gaps and smooth rough hair. Brazilnut Oil’s moisturising properties also ensure opulent shine and suppleness without overburdening hair.


Our beauty hero from this range is BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil Talent 10, the most versatile leave-in milk ever created by Schwarzkopf Professional. It offers an incredible 10 benefits including: enhanced colour radiance, ultimate shine, sun protection, gorgeous fragrance lasting 24 hours, protection from breakage and added moisture, all while detangling, taming and conditioning.


The complete range also features a gentle shampoo (BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil Oil-in-Shampoo), an intensely nourishing pulp treatment (BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil Pulp Treatment) and a refined oil booster, containing the highest concentration of Brazilnut Oil (BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil Refined Oil Booster). Check out the full pampering possibilities BC Oil Miracle.

BC Brazilnut Oil
Seminar Brochure


As industry experts, we have the tools, experience and experts on hand to make a real difference to your career and 2017 brings with it a great new range of courses to help you on your way to salon success. 


Discovering the right Schwarzkopf Professional course has never been easier. Firstly, pick your area of learning - we’ve created five categories which focus on different skill areas, these areas are: Essential Skills, Essential Looks, Business, Consultation and Creativity. Secondly, choose the skill level most suitable to you: Essential, Advanced, Expert and Top.


For colourists that are just starting out, our Essential Skills courses will give you everything you need to know about colour. For Stylists looking to fuel their creativity, we give you the tools to make every one of your clients feel truly unique.


Our Essential Looks Ambassadors provide hands-on technical training to help you recreate the latest cut, colour and styling trends.


So, whether you’re a blonde enthusiast looking to become the ultimate blonde specialist, or a creative expert wanting to take styling to the next level, we have the course for you!


Which learning path will you choose in 2017? Explore ASK Education for the answer…


It’s time to embrace a whole new era of blonde perfection with the launch of the much-loved BLONDME range. With the revolutionary patented* Advanced Bonding System now built into the BLONDME colour and care range, the hair is protected during lifting, lightening and colouring processes.


Bonding technologies are taking the hairdressing world by storm, “evolving from simple trend to a must-have in all hair salons” says Lesley Jennison – Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador.


Instead of using products specifically for bonding services, which require an extra step during the colouring, lightening or lifting process, the new BLONDME range helps hairdressers to blonde and bond their clients’ hair in one easy step, while the advanced care range helps to maintain the hair’s repaired condition.


The Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Ambassadors, Lesley Jennison – Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador and hairdresser to Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson; and Kim Vō – Global BLONDME Ambassador and hairdresser to Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson, have devised a series of stunning blonde looks and services for the new BLONDME range.


Available for all blonde hair types and wannabe blondes, BLONDME embodies everything a blonde should be: Iconic. Powerful. Individual. Iconic. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the new BLONDME range today!


*Patent pending

Shaping Futures


We all know December is the season of goodwill and a time for giving, but did you know hairdressers are able to give the ultimate gift this Christmas – the gift of education.


For six years, Shaping Futures has been changing the lives of disadvantaged youngsters across the world through the craft of hairdressing.


If you’re looking for a life-changing experience and a new challenge for 2017, why not volunteer to share your expert skills with some of the poorest communities in the world? Knowing you’ve helped young people break out of the poverty cycle can be as rewarding for you as it is for them:


“The impact that Shaping Futures and this humbling experience had on my life will never leave me. We were able to share our craft with the students, and in return, they taught us a valuable life lesson.” Sian Bennett, 2015 volunteer.


If you are unable to volunteer, there are many other ways you and your salon can support this fantastic initiative. In the spirit of Christmas, why not dedicate December to raising donations in the salon, using some of the ideas below:


– Competitions are a great way to get everyone involved in fundraising – why not sell raffle tickets for entry into a draw to win a free hair makeover?


– A Shaping Futures donation box on your reception desk is always an effective way of raising money. With purses already in hand at the till, customers are more likely to drop in any spare change they have into a donations box at this time of year.


– Alternatively, if you don’t have time to run a fundraising event, why not donate a percentage of your takings on a certain day or week in December?


To find out more and read about the life-changing stories, visit the Shaping Futures web page.


Christmas is almost here! It’s time to deck those salons with boughs of holly and get festive and sparkly. The most wonderful time of the year is also one of the busiest for hairdressers and we’ve got you covered! Christmas shopping made easy: the gift of fabulous hair. With our range of gorgeous gift boxes you can help your clients give their loved ones the perfect gifts for great hair!


Choose from gift packs filled with shampoos, sprays and treatments from our BC Moisture Kick, BC Repair Rescue, BC Color Freeze, BC Excellium and BC Oil Miracle ranges. Or choose our [3D]MEN box filled with the hair and body shampoo and texture clay – the essentials for slick styling.


Christmas is a time for giving, so with every purchase, a portion will be donated to our Shaping Futures initiative. Since its foundation in 2010, Shaping Futures has changed the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young people in 25 countries through the art of hairdressing! Dedicated teams of volunteers from our partner salons worldwide have been sharing their hairdressing knowledge and expertise with young people from the poorest communities and passing on their skills! With every purchase of a gift box you are helping disadvantaged young people on their journeys toward brighter futures.


Do a world of good this Christmas time with our extensive range of holiday gift boxes. Share the gift of great hair with everyone! There are only a limited number of these gift boxes in our Christmas sack so get your exclusive gift box today! Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

Holiday Gift Boxes
Strong Bonds


How strong is your bond? The bond shared between hairdressers and their clients is what keeps them coming back, time after time. It’s this special bond that makes being behind the chair worthwhile! Hairdressers and their clients share a lot with each other – big occasions, breakups and secrets which help create and maintain a strong bond.


Share your story about the special bond you share with your hairdresser or client for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Los Angeles for 6 nights. Plus, you’ll get the VIP treatment with one of our best Schwarzkopf Professional hairdressers! It’s easy to participate, simply go to, share your story and see other stories too.


Bonds are important for our hair too. So we are very proud to welcome you to a whole new era of bonding services! Now you can lighten, lift, colour, and replenish hair like never before with Schwarzkopf Professional’s STRONG BONDS – new super hero products equipped with bonding technology inside. Unlock the bonding powers of our STRONG BONDS team: FIBREPLEX– hair’s ultimate bodyguard, BC Fibre Force – the powerful bond connector and IGORA ROYAL Highlifts – legendary icy blonde highlifts integrated with FIBREPLEX.


The STRONG BONDS team fight hair-damaging forces, restore hair to its natural softness, ensure superior colour results and banish brittle hair – once and for all! Our revolutionary new bonding technology works to treat and protect the bonds in the hair fibre leaving hair visibly healthier! Salon goers deserve outstanding results and with STRONG BONDS they get the best of the best. It’s no wonder that Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison sees bonding technologies as “evolving from a simple trend to a must-have in all hair salons.”


FIBREPLEX is already taking the hairdressing world by storm with its exclusive FibreBond technology. FIBREPLEX Bond Booster N°1 can be mixed into any colouring system and enforces structural bonds. FIBREPLEX Bond Sealer N°2 seals the outer hair surface and FIBREPLEX Bond Maintainer N°3 prolongs the incredible in-salon results at home and FIBREPLEX Shampoo restores bonds within hair’s fibre and locks in colour for superior colour results.

Our BC Fibre Force range is infused with Bond Connector™ Technology which re-connects weak bonds in over-processed hair and makes it 10x more resistant* to breakage! The BC Fibre Force in-salon service begins with a pre-shampoo treatment with BC Fibre Force Kerabond Infusion and then the BC Fibre Force Bonding Cream is added to intensively restore the integrity of the hair, seal the hair’s outer surface and add shine. The hair is then washed with BC Fibre Force Fortifying Shampoo, formulated as a take-away for clients, to prolong the effects of the in-salon service by creating and reconnecting bonds with every wash. The BC Fibre Force range also comes with an extensive range of home-care products.


For our cool blondes or those who want to try out the iciest arctic blonde tones, try IGORA ROYAL Highlifts – our first highlifts enforced with FibreBond Technology. IGORA ROYAL Highlifts range offers incredible ice-blonde colours and are enforced with FIBREPLEX N°1 to protect the bonds and keeps hairs’ inner strength during the lifting process.


California is calling and caring is sharing – go share your #STRONGBONDS story for your chance to win that trip to LA for two. May the bonding begin! For more information please visit:

*Applied for patents
**Usage of BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Regime vs. untreated hair


Global fashion trends are shifting and changing all the time and the possibilities for re-invention and pushing boundaries are endless. Our NEW Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Essential Looks: Flex Collection is full of all-new stunning colours, haircuts with attitude and an effortless blend of classical and modern styling. The Flex Collection aims to inspire you to push the limits of your creativity with 3 on-trend looks: Koolblonds, Athleisure and Genderless.


Koolblonds: One of the most iconic, glamorous looks is making a huge comeback this season but with a sleek and sophisticated modern twist. We are showcasing the coolest of blondes, creating stunning tones and hues inspired by classical (or timeless) style and understated elegance. The colours are achieved with Schwarzkopf Professional’s ground breaking new IGORA ROYAL Highlifts – integrated with the Bonding Technology of FIBREPLEX No.1 for maximum lifting power and minimum hair breakage. For styling, go big and voluminous by using OSiS+ Big Blast and OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray for ultimate volume.



Athleisure: Gymwear is the new lifewear. This effortless trend has taken centre stage on catwalks around the world. Think luxurious fabrics with bags of colour, bold patterns and retro styling as worn by young, urban creatives. The colour direction dives into IGORA ROYAL's coolest berry and red tones applied with Schwarzkopf Professional’s new ColorMelter tool, for seamless, berry-kissed, multi-tonal magenta blends. The cut for this look is choppy, or smooth, with an on-trend, full, blunt fringe. The styling is poker straight and polished, achieved with OSiS+ Undercoat, Damped, Tame Wild and OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray. Finish off the look with OSiS+ Sparkler for extra shine and add texture with OSiS+ Grip and OSiS+ Whipped Wax.



Genderless: Blur that gender divide with one of this season’s hottest trends. It’s all about self-expression as a fashion non-conformist who celebrates their individuality. Push the limits with short and textured crops with a colour direction inspired by two extremes: the palest blonde achieved with IGORA Vario Blond Plus or the deepest blue black achieved with IGORA ROYAL and IGORA ColorWorx key shades. Embrace the freedom of being a fashion rebel with must-have styling products: OSiS+ Grip, Flexwax and OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray.



Get them now! Essential Looks: Flex Collection was created to inspire and provide you with everything needed to interpret this season’s hottest trends. For those individuals who are rebellious, sophisticated or sporty – it’s your time to Flex!

Flex Collection


Harsh lines and blocky colour are out! Seamless, blended colour is IN. The hottest looks right now – pastel infusion & melted fashion ombré – are SCREAMING out for a fit-for-purpose tool that effortlessly blends and melts colour. Schwarzkopf Professional, with the help of no less than 38 top stylists, has developed that tool. Say hello to our new ColorMelter


Our patented (*patent pending) ColorMelter tool allows you to seamlessly melt colours – faster and easier than ever before! With the unique melting palette and sponge you can blend two or three colours in a single stroke. Perfect for highlights, lowlights, balayage, ecaille, contouring and face-framing. Our Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, loves it. It’s “a great tool! So unique and exciting to work with”, she said. Just fill the palette with the colours, pick them up with the sponge and apply! 


The ColorMelter can be used with any of our colour products, but for the most natural-looking colour intensity we recommend using SKP’s ammonia-free ESSENSITY range. And now’s the perfect time, as the range has just been extended! There are now three more gorgeous colour duos to choose from – Caoba, Rose and Sandal. The fun doesn’t stop there! For clients seeking more striking, vibrant colour with seamless transitions, we recommend using the ColorMelter with our intense IGORA ROYAL colours!


And for even faster, melted results we’ve developed exclusive melting paper foils – which reduce the application time by up to 50% (*vs. standard highlighting service with foils)! With our ColorMelter, hard lines, visible transitions and long wait times fade away. It’s this season’s MUST-HAVE for hairdressers! 


Mix it up – get colour melting and sharing! Share your ColorMelter creations with us on Instagram @schwarzkopfpro using #ColorMelter & #colormelt so we can regram your incredible work. Mix It. Slide It. Melt It. We can’t wait to see you work it!

Together #apassionforhair

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