Interview: 5 Minutes with the Essential Looks Team

The creative minds of Simon Ellis and Nina Schaefer take you behind the scenes and explain the inspiration behind Essential Looks and the process that goes into bringing the latest trends to hairdressers around the globe:

Simon: “So we’re back on the set of Essential Looks… and guess what? I think what would be really interesting is to explain a little bit about the process of creating the trends… because I think to a lot of people it’s sometimes a little bit of a haze!”

Simon: "Today we would like to pass on some creative inspiration and dive deep into the process of how we go about it [Essential Looks], because I think that is really the defining thing that allows us to be able to bring the trends to life…"

Nina: “We’d start off by interviewing our Session Stylists…because they are the ones backstage at Fashion Weeks – New York, London, Milan… – around the world, and they are able to give us some insights. We also interview our Fashion Stylist Team that all work backstage, and on top of that…”

“…We then contact our Makeup Artists… We also have agencies that we cross-check the trends with… We look at Shanghai too because the Asian market is becoming more and more relevant…We’ve also widened our group because, really, Essential Looks is international, and I think it’s important to look everywhere. Therefore, one big change for our Essential Looks trend research is to look much more into global Lifestyle and Fashion trends – THE Mega trends from around the world. This makes the collection even more relevant.”

Simon: “I think that’s a really good point you’ve made there, because at the end of the day fashion is global… OK you have these high points in the fashion calendar, which is the Fashion Weeks, but the reality of our world is that trends are continuous. Whether it’s somebody, a celebrity or a pop star or whatever, with a new look – that look immediately transfers because of the social media landscape – it transfers immediately and translates into fashion…”

Simon: “…Yes it’s important to have the relevance of fashion weeks, for us, but I think we also need to be able to bring you trends that are happening, as they happen. I think that’s the really interesting thing and that’s why we’ve widened our scope to include makeup… clothes styling and so on, because those guys are the real experts. Those are the people that really live and breathe fashion as it happens.”

Nina: “Think about how technology has changed too and how relevant social media and instant communication is now.”

Simon: “Good point!”

Nina: “Now we can’t even imagine doing an Essential Looks shoot without an Instagram live session! We also produce an e-magazine for Essential Looks, which is interactive, with a lot of new content on top – videos and exciting extra features...”

“…We’re going through this period of transition, and as Simon said, everything is available right now. Essential Looks has always kind of had this mantra – we push the boundaries, we challenge ourselves – and that’s what we’re doing now, we’re trying to bring you tomorrow’s looks, today as fast as we possibly can, to give you that wow!”

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