Hair How-To: COLORAMA – Josefine

Follow the steps below to create this season’s playful “cupcake grunge” look, as seen in the COLORAMA trend:


Before & After


Before & After

Colours Used: 

  • COLOUR 1 – IGORA VARIO BLOND Plus & IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% / 10 Vol. 
  • COLOUR 2 – IGORA ColorWorx White Diluter 
  • COLOUR 3 – IGORA ROYAL 9.5-1, 9.5-89 & 9-98 (30:30:1) & IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% / 10 Vol. 
  • COLOUR 4 – IGORA ColorWorx Pink & Water (1:10)
  • FIBREPLEX N°1 Bond Booster should be added to colour 1 (follow FIBREPLEX mixing instructions)

Step 1 – Section the Hair


Step 1
  • Establish a profile and radial section, in order to ensure perfect balance and desired shape 

Step 2 – Apply Colour 1


Step 2
  • Starting in the nape area, apply colour 1 from the mid-lengths to the ends using a brush
  • Continue to work in back-to-back slices, working around the head until all sections are complete
  • Finish applying colour 1 at the front of the head
  • Develop, rinse and dry according to processing instructions 

Step 3 – Apply Colour 2 


Step 3
  • Apply colour 2 to the roots only using a brush; this will act as a ‘melting-blocker’ between the roots and mid-lengths (this does not create the colour white) 
  • Using the IGORA ColorWorx White Diluter will also enhance shine 
  • Note: if your base is not ‘pale enough’ after the lightening process apply a cool toner to eliminate any unwanted warm tonality

Step 4 – Apply Colour 3 


Step 4
  • Starting at the back of the head, apply colour 3 to mid-lengths only using a brush
  • Work your way around the head to create colour accents within the layers
  • Finish applying colour 3 at the front of the head
  • Rinse, then wash hair with FIBREPLEX Shampoo and finish with FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer (following dosage instructions)

In-Between Colour Results


In-Between Colour Results


Step 5 – Apply Colour 4


Step 5
  • To accentuate and enhance the colour effect apply colour 4 using a spray bottle 
  • Visually judge where you want to intensify and boost colour
  • Use tissue (not foil!) in-between colour slices to absorb excess product 
  • Develop colourant according to appropriate timings
  • Do not shampoo the IGORA ColorWorx out

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