With RANDOM REBEL we're REdiscovering colour intensity! Super brights and turbo accents create power shades, for a whole new age of colour concentration.


"Our brand-new technique creates an optical illusion with crazy depths!"


– Rossa Jurenas | North American Colour Director



Fashion Direction

Underground club culture has come up for air in an eclectic statement for every day. High impact, intense colour team-up with bold prints, bright metallics and heaps of decorative details, while textures are taken to extremes. 


Hair Colour Direction

Strictly for individuals; intense colour and contrasting shades take centre stage in the rebellious RANDOM REBEL trend. A combination of colours create club-inspired optical effects in coral and purple thanks to the new Electric Gloss Technique.


Hair Styling Direction

Ideal for shorter styles, RANDOM REBEL showcases extreme textures, broken-up fringes and feathered finishes, perfect for creating the illusion of movement on bold colour accents.


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