Interview: Meet the Co-Creators Behind IGORA #ROYALTakeOver – Lucid Nocturnes

Schwarzkopf Professional North American Colour Director, Rossa Jurenas (@rossajurenas) and Californian Colour-Trendsetter, Linh Phan (@bescene) combined their creative influence to pave the way for a modern take on darker tones. Get to know the hair artists behind the colour in our interview with team #lucidnocturnes!


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On each other…


Rossa Jurenas: “My first thought when I got asked to join the #RoyalTakeOver team was, first of all stunned, surprised and then thrilled because once they started telling me more and more about the project, that's when I realised this is huge… I never thought in my wildest dreams that our name would ever be on a colour box! To design six shades came super easy to us, because I think we think the same way, even though he [Linh] does stuff a little bit more on the commercial side, I take things on my award-winning aspect – so it's a little bit more on the artistic side of it – but we came together, the two of us and came up with the same ideas and the same visions all across the board.”


Linh Phan: “My first thought when asked to join the RTO team was... blown away and lucky to be a part of such an amazing project! So me and Rossa first met in Berlin at an underground graffiti event and we were spray-painting together, it was pretty cool! I think what makes us the perfect team is that she does a lot of very technical competition colour work and I do a lot of creative work in the salon, so I think together we make an amazing team.”


Lucid Nocturnes


On Hairdressing…


Rossa Jurenas: “I've been doing hair for 21 years... yeah, I know! I do cutting as well but colour is my focus, so I started way back just kind of getting into the field and knew this was my passion. I started off, I went to university for business and communications and just really knew that I wanted to get into hair… I think we all have a very similar story when you're a young girl or boy, it's kind of in there, but you just don't realise that's what you want to do until that 'aha-moment'. So I just had that one day where I'm like: this is what I need to do and get into!”


Linh Phan: “I started off as a cutter, I was passionate about cutting hair and I kind of just like fell into like the entire colour thing, you know? Colour was blowing up and I was like: why not? I'm blessed that I can create in the salon and also do the same when traveling… Being on social media all the time and using it as a business tool, I'm always on Instagram looking at my newsfeed, a lot of colourists and barbers – the Guy Tangs and the Anh Co Trans – these are the people that inspired me to create the look that I created.”


On creativity…


Lucid Nocturnes


Rossa Jurenas: “Inspiration for me is, agreed, it's on social media, magazines, celebrity… but to me that's more of a smaller side. For me it's going, we're here in Germany, walking the streets and seeing architecture, nature... So if we go back into a lot of my own photoshoot work, there is elements of surroundings that I see. In that spirit, in my bag that I carry with me all the time I always have pencil crayons and I always have a journal… I remember one time I went to Costa Rica with my husband and we were sitting there at a bar having a drink and all of the sudden this girl came by and it was just interesting how she tied up her hair; and I am like – can I have a napkin and a pen, please? I am sketching everything… It's just, I had an idea… and I actually used it and I won Canadian Hairdresser of the Year that year and it was just from things I saw on my journeys… I just sketched out things! So after that that's why I have a journal with me."


Linh Phan: “Being a colourist, don't you walk around and see random things like a flower or like a random painting on the wall? …That’s colour inspo!”


On IGORA #RoyalLucidNocturnes…


Lucid Nocturnes


Rossa Jurenas: “So inspiration for Lucid Nocturnes, first of all, I think it was really cool that we were paired-up on this because of I think we both kind of have that in our work; we have that little bit more of a moodier kind of feel, darker feel. So inspiration… literally when we got together, everything just fell into place! I think it took us like five minutes to decide our six shades.”


Lucid Nocturnes


“We were like we need this, we need that. Boom boom boom. And we both agreed 100% on all of it. But when we did our storyboard and actually our graffiti, it was again going back on that moody… the dark side… thinking midnight shades and rich shades, and blood reds and colours that just really focus on fall, but just really more our personality anyways!“


Linh Phan: “Gothic, chic, those runway looks that were very clean and dark, abstract but had like a punky feel to it. You know making it very dark, yet bright in a way?”


Rossa Jurenas: “If you actually look at what's happening in music right now too – I'm not saying it may be Lucid Nocturnes and colour shades – but the moody feeling, look at Taylor Swift: everything is dark and dirty and really moody, going back into that, so we're seeing it becoming a huge trend. Everything's getting dark... and if you actually look at cars, the hottest colour – I don't know if you’ve noticed in North America – is dark, dark navy blue. It's one of the biggest colours I'm starting to see. Mercedes has a beautiful one that just came out, it's dark blue and silver, it's gorgeous! So we're starting to see that trend colour coming all the way through in many different things, everywhere.”


Linh Phan: “Lucid Nocturnes – everywhere!”


Rossa Jurenas: “That's right, we're taking over! Watch out!”


Lucid Nocturnes


On Social Media and Education…


Linh Phan: “A good tip that I would give to someone starting off in social media is to not worry too much about your following and worry about your content. I think if you just focus on your content and you are very passionate about your craft and your looks, I think that the rest will follow.”


Rossa Jurenas: “Education to me is key to success… either doing classes on the Internet or going to a class... I've been doing hair for, like I said 21 going on, 22 years, and I'm always learning new things. Even though I educate and I'm traveling… I think ‘but how do I make myself stand out more?’... It's because I'm always learning something new! It doesn't matter how many years you are in the industry, keep on learning because, in my theory, the day you stop learning is a day you should rethink what you're doing…”


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