Care Culture: BC Sun Protect Consultation Tips

With BC Bonacure, hairdressers are able to offer their clients a first-class, personalised haircare program thanks to an in-depth consultation journey. Follow the steps below to adopt care culture into your salon through a BC's 4L consultation, tailored specifically to BC Sun Protect...




Your client is looking forward to the holiday season and to spending time in the sun, on the beach, in salt or pool water. They are concerned that sun exposure is compromising their hair structure and asks for advice on how to cater for their hair while enjoying the sun.


Your client’s hair is fine, normal or coarse, has been coloured or has had other chemical treatments. When exposed to the sun’s UV rays the hair tends to lose elasticity and shine, feels brittle and dry.


Prepare your client’s hair for their holiday/the summer season with a tailored in-salon treatment that improves the hair’s condition, protects the hair colour and sets the base for a care-free season. BC Bonacure has a range of in-salon services and haircare solutions that can be completely customisable to each individual client need.


Before, during and after sun exposure it is important to protect and preserve the hair’s quality, whilst also preventing moisture-loss. Explain to your client how sun exposure, sea and pool water can compromise the hair structure and recommend the BC Sun Protect summer hair routine to help shield, nourish and beautify sun-stressed locks.


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