The Care Philosophy with BC Oil Miracle

For hair, care comes first, which is why Schwarzkopf Professional have created a distinct four step consultation process of listen, look, live and learn; the 4 L’s.


The BC Way to Hair Perfection is an integrated salon process of consultation, diagnosis, therapy and recommendation that puts beautiful hair at the center. Here we show you how to put it into practice through a consultation with BC Oil Miracle in mind: 



Your client says she wants more shine and suppleness from her hair. She loves indulgent cosmetic products but finds many of them are too rich and heavy, or made exclusively for thick or coarse hair, which she does not have, so they drag her hair down and reduce volume… 



Your client’s hair is in good or very good condition; it is not overly porous or damaged, it just needs a dose of shine that will control frizz but not weigh hair down… 



Tailor the perfect indulgent in-salon care service for your client, such as the Brilliance Boost Ritual from BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil, which is designed to provide superior nourishment, opulent shine and suppleness, whilst boosting miraculous colour brilliance without overburdening. This will satisfy the desire for a luxurious and beautifying experience that will weightlessly breathe high shine into each and every strand…



Recommend a tailored home care regime for your client to complement the in-salon service so they can continue to luxuriously nourish their hair at home. Explain that even for fine hair there are super lightweight formulas that produce flawless results with renewed elasticity and mirror-like shine, whilst more intensive formulas for normal to thick coarse hair will tame, soften and add shine whilst protecting from frizz-inducing humidity.


ASK eAcademy 

Enhance your care product knowledge and grow your consultation skills with audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy: