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BLONDME is the only brand that truly offers the expert portfolio needed to overcome and master all kinds of blonde challenges.


Thank you to everyone for showcasing their stunning BLONDME looks and being a part of the #ILOVEBLONDME Contest. The entries for the competition are now closed. Jack Howard and Lesley Jennison will be reviewing all of the entries and choosing the winners, with the results being announced in January.


First place will win a once-in-a-lifetime two-day trip to the Schwarzkopf Pro TrendLab in Hamburg, Germany, with exclusive training from Global BLONDME Ambassador Jack Howard and the opportunity to shoot a tutorial!


Second place will win exclusive in-salon blonde training and third place will receive a BLONDME product package.


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Stay tuned to find out who the lucky winners are and their winning looks!

Live Q&A Coming Soon


There’s no one-size fits all approach to blonde – the choices are endless!


Every blonde expert knows about the challenges with blonde services and colour results.


Our BLONDME experts will explain exactly how they tackle those challenges and advise you on how to overcome them.


Join a live Q&A session on Instagram where we are discussing the key blonde challenges!


Dates to be announced very soon! 


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